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About The Association of Oil Companies of Serbia


UNKS was founded on the 22nd of October 2010. in Belgrade and is open to all companies who are ready to contribute to the fulfilling of the Association’s goals. Currently the Association gathers the following member companies:

     Retail and wholesale trade

     EKO Serbia a.d. Belgrade

Hellenic group member, Greece

     Intermol d.o.o. Belgrade

MOL group member, Hungary

     OMV Srbija d.o.o Belgrade

OMV holding member, Austria

    Petrobart-AVIA d.o.o. Belgrade

Part of the international AVIA system, Switzerland

   Crude oil and oil derivate pipeline transport

    JP Transnafta Pančevo

Public company for crude oil and oil derivate pipeline transport

   Wholesale trade

    Evolucija 2004 d.o.o. Belgrade


    INA d.o.o. Belgrade

INA group member, Croatia

    Intergas d.o.o. Belgrade.


    Naftachem d.o.o. Novi Sad




  Naftna industrija Srbije a.d. Part of Gazprom Neft, Russian Federation


The Association of Oil Companies of Serbia (Serbian acronym UNKS) gathers companies with significant participation in the overall turnover of oil trading in Serbia, with great experience in conducting business throughout the region and in Europe. The Association is working on strengthening the professional impact both on the oil and the oil derivatives market, as well as on improving the reputation of the oil industry in Serbia. It is focused on the domination of business splendor, above all professionalism and ethical business principles. In cooperation with the Government it is engaged into creating an entrepreneurial environment in which free competitive market principles are followed.

Connected into similar associations, oil companies in European developed countries, are contributing to a greater national market organization. Therefore, having in mind the potential of its members, the UNKS plans to expand its activities in cooperating with other similar organizations in Europe.